Cell Biology - winter semester

Premedical students - 1st year

Cell Biology


Second semester of the sixth year programme



From 15th of October seminars will be held in room 101/102 (first floor, bldg D2, next to the Deans Office).


Reminder - attendance on all seminars is OBLIGATORY!!


EXAM - 1 term - 4th of February 2020; 10.00 a.m. 

EXAM - 2 term - 25.02.2019

EXAM - 3 term - 03.03.2019


Program of the Cell Biology


Topics of the presentations by students - sent to president of the group.

Also on ealearning platform: https://elearning.sum.edu.pl/ ; course Cell Biology in General Biology; attendance code: Cell2019

Rules of the Cell Biology course



Obligatory books

 1. red. B. Alberts „Molecular Biology of the Cell”

2. red. N.A. Campbell, J.B. Reece, L.G. Mitchell „Biology”




Tips for students, how to prepare their presentation:

  1. ONLY Power Point format - .ppt, .pptx
  2. ALL pictures should be signed (the source of origin)
  3. LAST slide is the literature (at least 3 sources, one scientific publication, not the handbook)
  4. Presentation should last around 20 minutes (about 30 slides)
  5. Head of the group will bring ALL the presentation, from the present day, on 1 memory disc. 


The student presentation is graded based on:

  1. Information included in presentation – 3 points
  2. Structural format of presentation – 1 point
  3. Esthetic values of presentation – 0,5 points
  4. Manner of presenting (speaking, not reading) – 0,5 points