Clinical Genetics 5th year



The Clinical Genetics classes will be held from 11-15.01.2021:
accordingly to the attached PLAN

Seminars will be available for the whole day on Monday 11.01.2021.
Seminar classes will be carried out using the e-learning platform, and each student has to complete the material before the lab classes starts.
A student who did not participate in the seminar classes, will not be allowed to participate in the Lab classes.
Course title: "Clinical genetics 5th year"
1. Genetic counseling
2. Diagnostics of genetic diseases
3. Birth defects
4. Gene therapies
5. Genetics of behaviour
6. Oncogenetics

On Tuesday, classes are held at Microsoft Teams platform according to the schedule.
Topic: "Genetic databases used in the diagnosis and treatment of genetic diseases".
Topic: "Dysmorphology and its importance in the diagnosis of genetic diseases".
The scope of the material for exercises in dysmorphology:
  1. Dysmorphology of hands and feet e.g. Adactyly, Clinodactyly, Clubbing, Polydactyly, Syndactyly etc.
  2. Dysmorphology of nose and philtrum e.g. Low hanging columella, Enlarged nares etc.
  3. Dysmorphology of eyes and periorbital region, ears g. Entropion, Telecanthus, Cleft helix etc.
  4. Dysmorphology of head, face, mouth, mandible e.g. Brachycephaly, Macrocephaly, Widow’s Peak, Prognathia etc.
On Thursday, classes are conducted remotely via the Microsoft Teams platform. The link will be provided at a later date.
During the classes, students will present disease syndromes. Below is a file with specific syndromes list as well as a presentation plan.
Please, each of you, enter your name on the list of topics, which you will send back to the teacher to the following address: (no later than the Wednesday).

ATTENTION!!! One person presents one syndrome.
Please note that each of the topics must be presented.
On Friday, the final test is carried out remotely via the e-learning platform.
Credit is in the form of a test and covers the thematic scope of lectures, seminars, exercises,as well as the diseases mentioned in the attached list.



Final grades from the subject are calculated on the basis of the sum of which will consist of: 0.3 average partial credits, ie worksheet and presentation and 0.7 final pass (multiple choice test-40 questions).


 All lectures  will be available in electronic form on the e-learning platform, course: "Clinical genetics 5th year EU", from the first day of the classes-11/01/2021

Announcements for student

 Before the first classes students are required to read the rules and syllabus of the subject. At the first class, students will sign a list confirming that they have read the rules and regulations of Clinical Genetics course.

 Files to download and read: