Clinical Genetics 5th year



The Clinical Genetics classes will be held from 13-17.01.2020:
- at CDiSM ( Centrum Dydaktyki i Symulacji Medycznej) ul. Medyków 8b, Katowice
 accordingly to the attached PLAN

 All lectures  will be available in electronic form on the e-learning platform, from the first day of the classes-13/01/2020

Announcements for student

 List of recommended literature for Clinical Genetics course:

  • Medical Genetics – Lynn B. Jorde, Johan C. Carey, Michael J. Bamshad.
  • Emery's Elements of Medical Genetics. R.F. Mueller, S.D. Young; Ed. Churchill Livingstone

Additional materials recommended by the teacher for each topic.

Before the first classes students are required to read the rules and syllabus of the subject. At the first class, students will sign a list confirming that they have read the rules and regulations of Clinical Genetics course.

 Files to download and read:



 Students have to bring a USB stick for the first lab classes !!!

 The scope of material applicable to the first classes:
1) Principles of inheritance of autosomal dominant, autosomal recessive
diseases, mitochondrial diseases and multifactorial diseases
2) Cytogenetic nomenclature
3) Knowledge of basic genetic concepts: anticipation, penetration,
expression, heterozygous, homozygous
4) Types of structural and numerical chromosome aberrations
5) Indications for cytogenetic tests
dr Karolina Bajdak-Rusinek