Introduction to Cell Biology - spring semester

INT - 1st year/2nd semester

Introduction to Cell Biology

SPRING SEMESTER; academic year 2022/2023



RO0M 400; 4TH FLOOR; BUILDING C1 - seminar room of the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics.



  Dear Students,

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Yours sincerely

Aleksandra Auguściak-Duma

Rules of the "Introduction to Cell Biology" course.

Program, schedule and syllabus of the "Introduction to Cell Biology"

 Topics of the presentations by students.

Rules for the presentations.


Obligatory book: red. B. Alberts "Molecular Biology of the Cell" 6th edition 


Head of the course

dr n. med. Aleksandra Auguściak-Duma -

Consultation hours - Tuesday 12.00-13.00


dr n. med. Marta Lesiak -

Consultation hours - Tuesday 12.00-13.00